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Furnace Maintenance and Controls

Trevor reviews the functions of your thermostat, changing the filter of your furnace, and strategies for troubleshooting issues with your heating system.

ERV Maintenance and Controls

Trevor reviews the controls and maintenance for your Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), and recommended humidity levels.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detector & Strobe Light (3 in 1)

Trevor walks you through monthly cleaning, as well as how to properly reset the unit if needed. If your unit chirps or beeps, remember to refer to your owners manual or the back of the unit for diagnosis and solutions.


In this video, Trevor walks you through proper operation of the different types of windows you will have in your MCH home. You can find North Star’s warranty information here:

Plumbing Systems & Water Supply

Trevor walks you through the functions of all your plumbing systems and where you can find the different shut offs for your home’s water supply.