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Maple City Homes Supports Local Home Buyers by Reducing Prices on All Remaining 2022 Homes

CHATHAM-KENT, ON – (May 16, 2022) Maple City Homes (“MCH”), one of Chatham-Kent’s fastest growing new home builders, recently announced a price reduction and increase freeze on all remaining 2022 units with 14 sold homes receiving rebates of up to $80,000.

Having secured better pricing on materials and trade contracts, MCH is giving back to the local community in the best way they can – by addressing new home supply and skyrocketing prices. Fixed pricing on homes means buyers can know exactly what they can afford with no bidding wars or unforeseen costs; with transparency, buyers can see exactly what they need to save.

“We’re here to build the community, we want Chatham-Kent to flourish, and this is how we’re doing our part,’ says Robb Nelson, Partner and President of Maple City Homes.

With 6,000 jobs in Chatham and surrounding area announced in the last few weeks, homes are going to be in high demand. To help address the growing community’s demand, MCH plans to construct up to 200 units a year commencing 2023 – an increase from 100.

Since 2017, Maple City Homes has been a dedicated member of the Chatham-Kent community. Understanding the pressure home buyers face in today’s market, Maple City Homes has made it their mission to provide Chatham residents with affordable homes.

“We know we can make more profit, but we don’t think its right. This is what’s right for the housing sector,” says Nelson.

With the market as hot as it has been, buyers are forced to pay unprecedented amounts for older resell homes—with Maple City Homes, buyers can buy with confidence about buying a new build, quality home for all family types. Using innovative models and designs across a variety of product types such as townhouses and condos—a growing product mix, Maple City Homes has been the #1 Airtightness Champion 12 out of the past 16 months according to A&J Energy Consultants.

Maple City Homes’ mandate is to give back to the community however they can, and that means supporting the local trades community, offering reliable work to their 47 trade partners, and building affordable smaller units for families who need them. Everything MCH does is to make the community stronger.

“Leading ESG focused initiatives keeps us grounded and connected to the community. This is our home too and we want to make it as strong as we can,” says Nelson.

MCH has a deep understanding of how the home crisis causes many other social issues such as homelessness, mental health issues, and more. A portion of every home sale is donated to various local charities with the most recent fundraiser – Because We Care Chatham-Kent – raising $157K in support of Chatham’s Withdrawal Management Centre and assisting the Homeless programs throughout CK. MCH is also a proud supporter of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Foundation.

The move to reduce and freeze pricing on new homes is something MCH wishes to see carried out in other communities, who are also facing economic and social hardship. The company’s CEO stated that he wants to provide people who are considering buying a new home with the opportunity to do so.

“We hope to see this concept spread throughout other communities – it’s the right thing to do,” said Nelson. “It makes sense for us and our partners to work together to keep our communities thriving so that everyone can benefit from growth.”

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Maple City Homes

Maple City Homes

Maple City Homes (“MCH”) is a leading home developer serving Chatham, Ontario. Focused on more than building and selling houses, MCH builds communities where families can thrive and live in quality homes that reflect and enhance their lifestyles.

MCH is a Chatham, Ontario company owned and operated by local community leaders with a shared vision who are proud members of the Chatham-Kent Home Builders Association and a Tarion
Registered Builder. MCH is dedicated to partnering with local builder and contractor talent to develop custom build homes.

MCH is part of an organizational family comprised of other businesses created and managed by some of the same owners. This family includes Maple City Homes, MCH Realty Group, Inc., and AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. While each company is autonomous as a business and day-to-day operational team, all are part of the same organizational family.